Program Overview

A Comprehensive Early Education Program

Pre-K Counts is a comprehensive early education program funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. We believe that the first years are important and what children learn during these years will form the foundation for success in school and in later life. We provide children with a safe and healthy place to learn about themselves and the world around them.

Pre-K Counts is a place where children will develop literacy skills, become more independent, work with other children, develop thinking skills, learn to share, and feel safe in a new place.

A Typical Pre-K Counts Day

A typical Pre-K Counts Day is 6 hours long, Monday through Friday. Pre-K Counts has adopted the Creative Curriculum to guide the learning experiences provided in the classrooms. This is a nationally recognized, research-based curriculum for children 3 to 5 years of age.

Class activity schedules may vary but the overall structure is the same. At some time during the day, the Pre-K schedule will include all of the following:

  • Welcome
  • Small Group Time:  designed to teach and extend specific skills
  • Center Time:  permits children to learn while actively engaged in intentional play activities
  • Circle Times:  used for introduction to the daily schedule, introduction and extension of theme activities, reading aloud, songs, language activities, writing experiences, phonological awareness, math awareness, science exploration.
  • Physical Development:  indoor and outdoor

Curriculum and Lesson Planning

The Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards are used to guide the curriculum and lesson planning. The Ages & Stages Questionnaire is administered early in the school year. This is a screening tool that is used to help identify children who may be at risk due to specific developmental delays. Teaching Strategies Gold, a research based nationally recognized assessment tool will be used three times a year to assess your child’s progress in all of the developmental domains.

Eligibility Requirements

Children must be at least 3 years of age by the school district’s cut-off date for kindergarten enrollment. Children who are age eligible of kindergarten cannot enroll in Pre-K Counts. The family income must meet the Pre-K Counts income guidelines for 2017.

Family Size2345678
Income Below$48,720 $61,260 $73,800 $86,340 $98,880$111, 420$123,960